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10 Essential Camping Tips That Will Make Your Trips More Enjoyable

2 June 2014

Camping is one of the great pastimes. A chance to get back to nature and spend quality time with family and friends. Just you and the open sky. Whether you’re an experienced camper or this is your first time, there’s a lot of preparation to be done.  Being away from everything means that when something unexpected happens, you’re going to have to think fast on your feet. Here are ten essential tips which are going to make your camping holiday go by a lot smoother…

Take String/Rope

String or rope is basically your ‘get out of jail free’ card for a variety of things. Not only does it make an excellent washing line, but you can use it for the following too:

Rope - Camping Tips

A piece of string or some rope is going to prove itself time and again when camping!

Take plenty of wet wipes

Like string, wet wipes are going to come in handy so much when camping. Cleaning spills, dirty faces and hands and they are perfect if you want to freshen up a little after a hard day putting up the tent!

Wet Wipes - Camping Tips


If you’re going for a few days, then you’ve probably got a packed itinerary. But remember, there’s going to be those moments when you want to rest by the tent.


Canoeing - Camping Tips

Ensure you keep everyone happy by taking a variety of games and entertainment. Things that will encourage group interaction and engagement:

  • Frisbee
  • Cards
  • Jenga
  • Monopoly (although if you want your family to hate each other, this might not be a good idea!)

Old television

Pictured: Not recommended on a camping trip


Duct Tape

Another vital tool in the fight against the unexpected is duct tape. First and foremost, it’s great to repair things. Rips in the tent. Leaking bottles. It can be used to reinforce cardboard boxes. A flexible piece of kit that doesn’t take up a lot of room in the car.

duct tape - camping essentials

Take Extra Food

If you are camping miles from any shops, then it’s certainly recommended to take a little more food than you’re probably planning. Experts say around 10% extra is a good round number. This will cover any spillages, food going off and general grazing that people might do over the course of the holiday.

Extra Food - Camping Tips

Whilst on the subject of food….

Never leave food out.

Even though we don’t live in a country where bears suddenly appear at a campsite attracted by the smell of food, it’s a good tip to never leave food out for a long time. There are plenty of other animals (foxes, badgers) that would love the opportunity to grab a bite from your camper table.

Wear Wool

Cotton and synthetics are all well and good. However, once they get wet or damp, it can provide a very cold experience. Wool is a much better clothing alternative whilst camping. It is more waterproof, and plenty of woollen layers will keep you and the family a little warmer than cotton clothes. Hey, if it works for sheep it can work for you!

Nostalgia Image


Mustaches are optional!

And whilst we’re on the subject of clothes…

Pack extra socks

If history (and Glastonbury festival) have taught us anything, it’s that the British weather is a strange beast. One day it’s all sunshine and lollipops, the next morning it’s a torrential rainstorm. The most important thing to protect are your feet. Taking extra socks is just good sense. Keeping feet warm and dry will prevent you and your family from developing issues that might hinder your time away. If you can’t walk anywhere, what’s the point right?

thick socks - camping tips

Keep a kit handy.

Keeping a kit in the car is essential whenever you go camping. Ensure your kit has one or better still, all of the following, because you just never know when they will come in handy.


•First Aid



•Lighter/Waterproof matches

survival kit

Do you have any of your own tips? Perhaps something that you think would help other campers? Let us know.

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