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11 Of The Best Apps To Use On A Camping/Caravan Holiday

20 February 2017

best camping apps to use

If you are planning a camping or caravanning holiday, there are a number of fantastic apps available to help you find everything from the best sites that are caravan friendly, to great walks in the area, or even survival tips.

While there are many apps out there, we have pulled together 11 of the best! Read on to find out which apps you have to check out.

Campr Beautiful Camping

Campr is a beautiful app that works as an interactive guide for finding campsites. Campsites are available for certain regions in the UK, currently Cumbria & The Lakes, Devon & Cornwall, South East, East Anglia, The Peak District & North West and South Wales.

Each campsite has an in-depth review, a mood video, a 360° panorama, and several high-quality photos. This enables you to know exactly what to expect when planning your visit.

Download for iOS 


SiteSeeker from The Camping and Caravanning Club shows you nearby campsites, as well as giving you the ability to search for them.

Selecting a site then gives you detailed information, from address, facilities, pricing, and the ability to book.

Club members will also be able to view certified sites.

Download the app for free on iOS and Android.

Sun Seeker

This app has a great many potential uses. From knowing where shadows are going to fall at different times for photography, to figuring out the best place to camp for morning sun, or planning your beach trip for the perfect time.

Shows either a flat compass view, or an augmented reality view with the solar path, the position at each hour, sunrise and sunset times, and much more.

This app isn’t free unfortunately, but well worth the cost for those who require it.


iOS £9.99

Android £5.75


Yonder is like a social network for finding outdoor experiences near you. Find experiences that are close to you, see pictures, and find people to follow in your area. You can also upload and share your own!

Free on iOS 


Geocaching is basically a treasure hunt using GPS. The caches themselves range from Tupperware boxes to tiny magnets, and typically contain a logbook for those who find them to sign, and often items which you can swap if you wish.

Some caches are as easy to find as following the coordinates, and others require a bit more investigation or clue solving. A really fun activity to do as a group or a family.

The App is free to download on iOS and Android, but once you have mastered the easier caches, a premium membership must be purchased to access the caches of higher difficulty.


AllTrails is a great app for finding walking, cycling, and running trails, or a range of other activities from canoeing to fly fishing! It also allows you to view trails that are wheelchair accessible, or dog or child-friendly. Trails can be sorted by difficulty, length, rating and more, and you can view and follow detailed maps.

Free on iOS and Android.

SAS Survival Guide LITE

Although this app has not been updated for a while and may look outdated on your phone, the information is highly valuable, and could well save your life.

Great for people who like to go exploring in nature, or just want to know more about things such as how to find shelter, or what items to keep in a survival kit.

Free on iOS, although there is a paid version available also.


Skyview shows you an augmented reality view of the night sky (although it also works in the daytime). See where the different planets, stars, and constellations are, and see their paths.

Great for knowing exactly where the sun is going to rise and set, and at what time, as well as star gazing on your trip!

This app is free on both iOS and Android.


Another great app for those who love exercising outdoors, Strava is great for tracking your run, walk, or cycle. or even your inline skating or yoga session. It is compatible with a wide range of wearable fitness trackers, or can use the GPS in your phone.

The app has a great social aspect, too. Connect with your friends and see each other’s activity in your feeds, or join a club near you and join in activities.

The app is free on iOS and Android, but also has paid features for premium members, such as a beacon feature so that your friends or family can track your whereabouts.

Knots Guide

If you need to learn useful types of knots, either if you’re out and about, or for camping purposes, this free app will teach you many different kinds.

The app itself is a little outdated, but the information it contains remains useful.

Download for iOS or Android.


Discover route guides to follow created by experts as well as the community, download Ordnance survey maps, and even create your own routes.

Using the Skyline augmented reality feature, identify key things around you, such as peaks, lakes, and places.

The app also works with Apple Watch and Android Wear and is available for free on iOS and Android, although there are also in-app purchases available.

We hope this has given you some inspiration for your next camping or caravanning trip, be sure to keep an eye on our blog for more posts like this!