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21 Reasons To Choose A Staycation Over A Vacation

29 March 2017

We all love a good break from day to day life and the chance to get away on holiday. But if you’re trying to decide between heading abroad or staying in the UK, we’re here to tell all about the great benefits of a staycation!

One of the key reasons to choose a staycation is that it makes it easier for everyone to get together – including any pups! You can support the local economy, reduce your carbon footprint and skip the jetlag. Touring caravans are seeing a revival, particularly for pet owners, as are charming self contained holiday lodges and caravans. You can save a lot of money compared with an exotic international holiday, and explore parts of Britain you’ve never been to before.

In 2021, staycation bookings surged 300%, as holidaymakers sought to avoid long quarantines.

Read on to find out why you should consider one for you next break…

An infographic by the team at Pure Leisure

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