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5 Reasons Camping is the Perfect Family Holiday

17 March 2016


Are you looking to plan the perfect family getaway this year? You don’t have to stray too far from home to find a holiday where you can relax, the kids can let off steam and the whole family can create some fun memories.

Camping is the perfect choice for a family break, offering plenty of opportunities to get some fresh air, kick back, relax and discover new treasures in the great outdoors.

If you need any more convincing, we’ve put together five reasons why you and your family should experience a camping holiday this year with Billing Aquadrome.

1. Spend quality time together with no interruptions

Camping allows you to get away from the constant interruptions of technology. No phones, computers or televisions means your family can spend some quality time together without any screens getting in the way. Take this opportunity to play games, tackle activities, explore nature and, most importantly, talk and laugh with one another.

With a multitude of activities at the park, including go karting, indoor and outdoor play areas, swimming, and our very own Shark Island Amusement Park, there are plenty of things to get involved in. Keep an eye on our park calendar for events taking place throughout the year.

2. Experience the great outdoors

You’ll wake up every morning to a breath of fresh air. We spend so much of our time cooped up inside, so camping is a great opportunity to discover natural wonders together as a family.

Why not try bird-spotting, a nature trail, or even a scavenger hunt? This will encourage your children to interact with nature in a fun way that even the big kids will enjoy, and it’s also a chance to learn more about the world around you.

Falling asleep with the stars overhead is truly magical at the end of the day too.

3. Teach the kids new skills

With no technology to solve everything, camping requires you to all come together as a family to work through any problems or complications. It will strengthen your relationship and teach you some basic survival skills.

Camping often requires you to think practically. From opening cans to cooking on a camping stove, there are plenty of new skills for your children to learn.

4. Boost vitamin D levels

Sunlight helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, which is great for healthy bones and teeth, and therefore vital for growing children. Vitamin D also gives us a better chance of combating high blood pressure and fighting bugs and diseases. So adults benefit just as much as the kids from a little sunlight!

Make sure to pack the sunscreen, get outside, and soak up the rays. What could be better than a backdrop of the beautiful British countryside?

5. Get active

Camping is a great opportunity to get active and fit in some aerobic exercise that the whole family will enjoy. Walking and hiking are great ways to raise the heart rate and work your muscles while exploring your surroundings and spending time together as a family.

If you want to up the ante, why not bring your bicycles and take in the beautiful countryside on a family bike ride? Or take a boat ride on one of Billing Aquadrome’s many lakes. Hire a boat or dock up for a spot of fishing!

Book Your Camping Trip

So what are you waiting for? Gather the tent and the camping stove and get ready to make some brilliant memories with your family.

To find out more about Billing Aquadrome, or to check campsite availability, call a member of our friendly team on 01524 889 589. Choose from a number of campsite options, including lakeside locations and sheltered spots, all with toilet and wash facilities nearby.