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6 Reasons to Get Out And About Now That Summer is Over

1 October 2019

Summer children


Look outside. Dull and grey? That’s right, it seems summer is sadly over, and so quickly too. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck inside and not reap all the benefits of Autumn and beyond. So, get that ‘big coat’ out of hibernation, those thermal tops and boots at the ready and be prepared to get out and about – because there are so many reasons to! Here are just a few.


Fresh Air is Good – No Matter The Season

Exposing your lungs to fresh air not only feels refreshing, but it can actually relieve stress and anxiety. If the colder and wetter days are getting you down, actually taking a step outside, for a light stroll or a short bike ride, can actually make you feel much better, and overall much more positive. The boost of endorphins and dopamine will make you feel happier – even if the sun isn’t shining.


Disconnecting From Technology

No doubt, without the buzzing summer vibe, you will be more tempted to just sit inside, watch TV or scroll through your phone. Getting out and about can be a great way to use less technology. A few Insta shots are fine, but then put your phone away and just enjoy the moment. Disconnecting from technology for a while will make you feel lighter, relaxed and refreshed, helping you to appreciate the beauty right in front of you. It will help you recharge, can improve your in-person communication and can even help your focus.


Mood and Attention 

Everyone feels the sudden mood change when Summer is over. The dark mornings and even darker nights are drawing in and it can make us feel tired and a little less energetic. However, we aren’t helping ourselves by spending time indoors. Ever head of NDD, or, Nature Deficit Disorder? This term was coined in 2015 and essentially it means that spending less time in nature could be having a negative impact on our attention span and mood. It is likely than many of us have it.

When you think of how much of our life is spent indoors – home, office, schools, shops, gyms, restaurants and more, it’s no surprise that children today are spending half as much time outdoors as their parents did.

Get outdoors, beat the NDD and become a happier, more attentive and a more positive person. You will see the difference, whether in Summer, Autumn or Winter.


Exercise & Movement

There’s no questioning that when you get out and about, you naturally do more exercise. Whether its exploring the local park or even nipping to the shop, you are moving! Just because it’s not Summer, doesn’t mean you can’t walk to the shops instead of taking the car, or cycle to work instead of taking the bus. It will save you money and make you feel great! 

Just because it’s not sunny, doesn’t mean you can’t get out to do exercise. Ditch the gym and go for an Autumn run instead. You are bound to feel accomplished and refreshed from all that fresh air. A little rain never hurt anyone! In fact, running in the rain has added benefits of burning more calories, building up more muscle, improving mental toughness, and you’ll probably run faster, which means extra fitness building! 


Nature – Appreciate it in every season

Just because the sun isn’t shining down, doesn’t mean its not beautiful. We should be able to appreciate all the seasons and the different colours, wildlife and scenery it brings. The autumn presents amazing orange and yellow colours which deserve a photo or two, the Winter presents crisp frozen details which are simply a delight to crunch your boots over. Try and embrace every positive aspect of seasons out of Summer, as they are just as stunning.


Immune System

In the darker and duller months, our immune system isn’t as strong, which means we need to keep an eye on our lifestyle including maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. However, if you decide to get out and about and enjoy the great outdoors after Summer, you could boost your immune system making you feel healthier! It is said that one of the best environments for immune system boosting is the forest. Research from 2010 has suggested that forest environments have the most beneficial effects on human immune function. Don’t let the rainy days get you down! Get outside and you could fight off colds, the flu and more.

These are just a few of the many benefits of getting outside! You will see only positive effects on your heart, brain, skin, memory and overall mindfulness. The outside has so many brilliant aspects, come sun, rain, Autumn or Summer. If you are looking to get out and about, why not check out our Lake District holiday parks? Nestled in an abundance of nature, this spot is the perfect location to feel happier and healthier now that Summer is over. 

Get in touch with our friendly team today to see how we can help you indulge in nature and all its wonderful aspects. Alternatively, click here to see our park locations and see what’s in the surrounding areas. There is beauty in nature all around us, and just because Summer is over, doesn’t mean we should stop appreciating it and reaping its hundreds of health benefits.