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6 Reasons to Learn Golf

14 June 2018



If you are a non-golfer, you may be wondering what the big deal is when it comes to this sport, and why so many people are so committed to putting in the hours on the course. It’s a sport that is deeply rooted in traditions and history, and it’s also more strenuous than you may first have thought.

There are a great many benefits to taking up the sport, and it’s beneficial for not only the body but the mind too. Read on to find out some of our top reasons why you should learn to play golf.


It’s great exercise

Golf is far less likely to make you break out in a sweat than some sports out there. However, the average golf course takes up a huge amount of land. You’ll be doing plenty of walking to get from one shot to the next. You’ll also need to carry your clubs around with you, which will help you burn calories. The best part is that while you will spend about four hours walking on average, it won’t feel like exercise because your mind will be on the game. So if you’re not the type who enjoys going for a hike, perhaps golf is the game for you.

The great outdoors

Making time in our busy lives to spend some time in nature away from the screens that we tend to be surrounded by in our day to day lives is important for mind and body, so the fact that golf is played entirely outside is a huge bonus.

Sure, a golf course is not quite the same as heading off into the mountains, but it sure beats a walk down the high street, and the fresh air will do you the world of good.

The networking opportunities

Depending on what it is that you do for work, there’s a good chance that your boss plays golf or some of your colleagues. Many business deals are closed on the golf course. And it is also one sport where you can turn up to the course alone and be paired with strangers who just might turn into friends or business partners.

Relationships are fostered through shared experience. So golf is the perfect opportunity to bond with the people in your life, old or new.

Low risk of injury

Unlike a contact sport like football or rugby where the risk of injury is pretty high, golfers have low risk of high impact injuries.

Sure, you can still suffer from wear and tear injuries. But monitoring your form and watching out for overuse injuries helps to minimise the risk. And you won’t be coming away with any scars or broken bones.

Challenge and reward

We all have a slight competitive streak and golf is a great game for providing a challenge every single time you play. It is not a fast-paced sport, but rather one of precision which requires dedication and practice, and certainly one that builds discipline.

It’s fairly easy to learn the basics of golf. But to really improve your game and master the sport, you will need to put in the work, but as a result, there is nothing quite as rewarding as a really great shot. The sense of accomplishment that you get from playing golf is a great experience.

Having fun

Above all else, golf is a game where you get to have plenty of fun and just enjoy yourself. No matter your level of experience is with the sport, each game will have its share of fun and frustration. But each game you play will be more fun than the last as you build experience and skill.

There’s a reason that people keep returning to the golf course weekend after weekend. The game can become rather addictive, but it is certainly one of the more healthy vices you could pick up.

Golf is a game that both genders can enjoy at any age, and it connects generations through shared enjoyment. It’s a great activity to enjoy on holidays. And in fact, many people take holidays just to experience a new golf course.

We hope this post has shed some light on what a great sport golf really is. And given you reasons to learn golf if you’ve been considering giving it a try yourself. If you fancy a golfing holiday, why not check out our Bridlington Links park in East Yorkshire? There we have a fantastic 6,719 yard, par 72 course, a driving range, and a nine hole course; all more reasons to learn golf.