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A Profile Of The Arnside & Silverdale Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty

23 May 2016


The Arnside & Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty boasts sheer cliffs, charming villages and interesting history. From the dramatic tidal phenomenon known as Arnside Bore to the gentle walk paths, this area is both fun and scenic.

Find Beautiful Villages

This part of the country is full of villages that are perfect for holidaying families.

One place that is especially popular among tourists is the Yealands. This area is situated right next to Leighton Hall and is steeped in history.

Many visit this town simply for the scenery. Summerhouse Hill, for example, provides beautiful views of the surrounding greenery.

The Yealands are also full of great little pubs, shops and cafes – so everyone can take a break from sightseeing and eat some fantastic local food.

See Some Amazing History

Arnside & Silverdale is blessed with a rich heritage. If you’re a history enthusiast or if you simply want to see something different on your holiday, check out The Three Towers. These domestic ruins offer a great insight into medieval home life.

Another interesting site is the Warton Old Rectory, a dwelling house from the 14th century. The building functioned as a courthouse and as the home of the local church rector. The ruins take you back in time, to when life in Britain was completely different.

Enjoy Great Walks

Take the opportunity to go on some lovely walks as you visit this beautiful area. Take a gentle stroll along the coastline and experience the stunning views of Morecambe Bay. Along the way, you could walk through the charming village of Silverdale to peruse the independent shops or grab a treat from one of the local bakeries.

Explore Salt Marshes & Cliffs

Limestone grasslands cover the cliffs in this area. They’re full of beautiful orchids and songbirds, giving you the chance to experience natural beauty. From here, you can take in the stunning views of Humphrey Head. Myers Allotment is also situated just ahead of the cliffs and boasts flowering grassland, butterflies and great scenery.

As you walk across the salt marshes, you’ll see nature in motion as birds hunt for small fishes and insects. Just next to the salt marshes, you will also find the fascinating remains of an ancient quay.

Get Ready for Arnside Bore

Once a month, Arnside gets ready for a magnificent tidal wave known as the Arnside Bore. This type of event occurs in very few places in the world, so we’re very privileged.

The wave is caused by the edge of the tide being pushed through a small bay, which results in a huge wave forcing itself against the bay’s current. Therefore, the Arnside Bore is a true tidal wave, although thankfully the water is not forceful enough to come ashore and cause any harm on land. So if you hope to see a genuine natural wonder on your holiday, visit Arnside & Silverdale this year.

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