Covid-19 Updates

Good news – in line with the Government announced roadmap,  we are planning to open all of our English parks to both Owners and Holidaymakers in self-contained accommodation from the 12th April 2021. Trawsfynydd Leisure Village opens on 27th March to Welsh residents. Please also note that the opening dates of all shared facilities at our parks will follow, after the 17th May 2021 including camping and caravan touring with no on-board facilities.  We look forward to seeing you soon!  To view our Covid-19 FAQ’s please click here.



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The Best Views From Your Car Window In Every English County

3 October 2017

England is a truly stunning country, with many breathtaking views to be enjoyed. From rolling green hills and seascapes to man-made structures, you’re never too far from something beautiful.

A lot of the country’s best views require heading out for a wander. But many more can be seen from the window of your car. Even as you whizz past on your way from A to B.

We’ve gathered together a selection of the best views from around the country, so whichever county you are travelling through, here are a few sights to keep an eye out for!


Best View From Your Car Window


The Best View From Your Car Window In Every English County – An infographic by the team at Pure Leisure

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