Exciting New Ownership Option with Leisure Time

For those who love the idea of owning a holiday home but are unable to commit the time to justify year round ownership, Leisure Time offers the perfect opportunity to experience the lifestyle,freedom and facilities at our parks without paying the full cost of ownership for the year.

Guarantee your holidays for the future

With a busy family / working life making time to create your holiday memories can be difficult. With Leisure Time there will be no last minute panic or saving as your holidays are paid for in advance and you’ll always be guaranteed perfect accommodation every time.

Leisure Time takes away the risk as you’ll always know where and when you’ll be able to unwind and relax.

Simply own the time you need

As many people typically only spend 4 – 6 weeks per year in their holiday home, Leisure Time allows you to pay for only the time you use your property – it’s the smarter way to own!

Leisure Time is a flexible model giving you the choice of weeks to suit your work, family and social life. With the option to purchase additional weeks or trade in to full ownership at a future date, you can tailor a package to fit your lifestyle.

How does it work?

Unlike timeshare schemes where you purchase weeks which are not associated with a single property, Leisure Time guarantees you the same lodge and weeks each year as you are an owner.

Each week purchased gives you use of the lodge for 15 years with a typical package based on 6 weeks per year. At the end of this term the lodge will be sold and a proportion of the residual value awarded to the owners based on the number and value of the weeks purchased.

Reasons to buy

  • No maintenance responsibility – arrive and enjoy
  • Purchase additional weeks (subject to availability)
  • Share with friends and family
  • Experience our other parks via private exchange
  • Trade in your Leisure Time option & upgrade to full ownership

The entire process will be overseen by a 3rd party trust and we’ll guarantee regular maintenance and upgrade to keep your property looking its best, protecting its value for resale.

Buy as many weeks as you like with attractive discounts offered for 4 and 6 week packages. With 6 weeks starting from as little as £10,465 for 15 years + annual site fees* you can holiday at a greatly reduced cost.
*Site fees cover Rates, Insurance, Gas, Electricity, Cleaning, WiFi, Maintenance and Management Fees during your ownership.

Currently available at Fellend Caravan Park – call today for further information 015395 62122.

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