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How Camping Has Evolved Over The Years

23 March 2016

How Camping Has Evolved

Gone are the days when camping simply meant pitching up a tent outdoors. At their most basic, tents started as a survival principle, providing safety, warmth and a roof over your head to help battle the weather.

But the much-loved family holiday has seen a vast evolution over the years, widening the meaning of camping to appeal to many more people. Traditional tents now come in many varieties, offering enough space for the whole family and stronger protection from the elements.

Nevertheless, whether the idea of assembling the tent itself has always worried you, or you can’t live without a few home comforts, or traditional camping just wouldn’t fit your family dynamic, modern camping provides solutions to all of these queries. Here we explore how camping has evolved over the years.

Keep Things Traditional with a Tent

There’s nothing quite as liberating as living the back-to-basics lifestyle with traditional camping. If you’re feeling adventurous or up for a challenge, camping offers so many rewards and brings the whole family together.

All the best bits of camping continue to live on: try your hand at making your own dinner on a camping stove and settle down at night with toasted marshmallows, switch off from the outside world, and experience nature first-hand.

Wake up directly in the heart of the British countryside, with our camping holiday spots across the Lake District.

Sleeping under the stars really can’t be beaten.

Snuggle Up in a Camping Pod

Combining the best of both worlds, our Camping Pods let you enjoy the back-to-basics lifestyle of traditional camping, but with a few modern conveniences. Make the most of maximum comfort with minimal fuss.

You’ll benefit from sleeping on a camping bed or mattress, have access to a power socket so you can keep your electronics on the go, and the wood panelled walls are even heated with an extra small heater fitted to keep you warm throughout the year.

If bringing your own beds and bedding doesnt sound like much fun though, you can also try a bit of luxury camping in our Safari Tents and Rustic Glamping Pods with Hot Tubs!

Immerse Yourself in Nature in a Woodland Retreat

One of the things that makes camping so great is being right in the great outdoors. There’s nothing quite like waking up to stunning scenery and the sound of birdsong.

Unwind and enjoy some quiet time by staying in our of one Woodland Retreats. With all the intimacy of traditional camping but with some luxury touches, this option is ideal for couples looking to escape from the everyday bustle of the city.

You’ll be able to make the most of all the regular creature comforts, with the fully fitted double bed, kitchen and bathroom, whilst still experiencing the calmness of nature and the fresh country air.

Book Your Next Camping Trip

Whatever your preference when it comes to camping, Pure Leisure Group offers a number of options to suit everyone. Book your next camping trip today – call us on 01524 884605 or head straight to our online bookings page.