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How To Convert A Camping Hater To A Camping Lover

15 April 2015

As seasoned campers it’s our duty to change the hearts and minds of even the fussiest of friends – especially those luxury, convenience and sun loving people.

Here’s how you can do it:

The Luxury Lover

Couple camping

This is your friend who shivers at even the smallest mention of the outdoors. How do you get this person interested in camping?

Try glamping. It’s a camping pod holiday, and there’s room for even the most precious person’s things. Camping and cooking gear, walking gear and beds, chairs and a table inside, with plenty of room to move around. You could also try our rustic camping pods with hot tubs or our Safari Tent holidays!

Shell Robshaw-Bryan, writer for Camping with Style came to one of our parks and said:

“Inside, the camping pods are slightly bigger than previous pods we’ve stayed in before, and due to the large volume of gear we always seem to bring with us, the extra size made for a truly comfortable stay.”

The Convenience Lover

Camping Hater

Some people are convinced camping is difficult, but actually it’s as easy as spelling the word tent.

Firstly, transport is simple. There’s lots of parking space. It’s easy to find the location on a map, and even easier with sat-nav.

Secondly, shops and food. Most parks are home to a complex with a bar and restaurant, so if you don’t want to cook you can grab a bite to eat.

Try traditional pub food, Italian pizzas, or freshly battered fish. Yes, there’s something for everyone (and often shops nearby for the super picky).

And of course all good parks have great facilities.

Shell said:

“There is a large, clean toilet and shower block a short walk away. These were warm, airy and pleasant to use.”

The Sun Lover

Children camping

You’ll never convince anyone that going to a campsite is like going to the beach. That’s just not what camping is.

But you can ease any weather worries with just a little bit of common sense.

The Met Office says that for 2014 “June and July were generally dry months for many.” In other words, the easiest way to convince your fair-weather friends is to invite them in the summer.

And it’s easy to stay warm and comfortable during the evenings too.

Shell, who stayed in a camping pod, said:

“The pods had heaters, but just to be on the safe side, we took one with us anyway. We didn’t need it. I was truly amazed at just how warm and cosy the pod was – the addition of electricity and a heater makes for a comfortable stay whatever the weather.”

One of us

Some people are just a camping hater. But obviously the most important thing is to have all your friends and family along for a memorable holiday. Hopefully, with your new teachings you can go out into the world and convert even the most stubborn and uncooperative camping hater into a camping lover. One who’s ready to join in with the good times.

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