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How To Plan The Perfect Hot Tub Break This Winter

21 November 2019

hot tub in winter



Hot tubs; a must-have feature for many people during the summer months. But who says they can’t be used and enjoyed during the winter months, too?

In fact, we think that hot tubs are the perfect addition to any holiday in winter – and it’s a nice subtle throwback to summer! So, how can you make sure you plan the perfect hot tub break this winter? We have a few ideas…

Set Yourself Up For Comfort

Once you settle yourself in the hot tub, you won’t want to move. So make sure that you have everything you will need for the duration of your hot tub session within easy reach.

Have a warm, cosy dressing gown and a fluffy towel to hand so that you’re able to hop in and out as you please without getting chilly. After all, the whole point of being in a hot tub is to stay warm! You’re essentially taking a luxuriously long, relaxing bath, and there’s nothing more disruptive than getting out and in multiple times and getting cold!

You’re supposed to be comfortable, so have anything you need to make that happen close by!


Choose The Perfect Location

Here at Pure Leisure, we have a fantastic range of hot tub lodges at our South Lakeland Leisure Village and Tydd St Giles parks, most of which have fabulous lakeside views.

South Lakeland is a great choice in the winter months, as it is perfectly situated to explore the Lake District, which is a truly magical place to visit in the wintertime. Why not go on a picturesque winter walk, and then return to your cosy lodge and warm up in the hot tub?

Tydd St Giles is a stunning Norfolk holiday park, just a stone’s throw from some of the region’s most beautiful areas, including the Wash Nature Reserve. We even have our very own nature trail for you to follow!

It’s always worth looking ahead and seeing what the weather forecast is for your preferred date – there are plenty of things to do come rain or shine, so plan accordingly.


Plan Your Spa Time

Pack your favourite face mask, a super hydrating moisturiser to lather on when you exit the tub, and any of your favourite pampering products, and prepare to have the most relaxing holiday ever.

It can be really tempting to sit and enjoy your ‘you’ time for hours in the hot tub. But it’s important that you plan to do other things that don’t involve being submerged in water for long periods of time.

Especially when the weather is colder, it can put unnecessary stress on your body going from one temperature extreme to the other. And the longer you stay in the tub, the warmer you will be. When it’s time to get out, you want to be able to cool down slowly to avoid putting your body under any stress going from a hot to a cold environment.

It’s also important to stay hydrated when using a hot tub. Because your body will be heating up, you will start sweating and losing water. By staying hydrated – even using warm beverages to help combat the cold – you should avoid dehydration.

Of course, there’s nothing more luxurious than enjoying a glass of bubbly in a hot tub, but just make sure you’re drinking plenty of water in between too!


There are many reasons why a hot tub holiday can be beneficial, and we think that they’re enjoyable at any time of year. 

If you would like to find out more about our range of hot tub holidays, or want to book your stay with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today – or check out our availability online