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Pet-icularly Friendly Holidays

29 November 2013

We’re much more attached to our pets these days and gone are the holidays when we left them with a neighbour or popped them into kennels. In fact holiday providers are becoming more accommodating too.

Frontline found that a third of pet owners now take their pets away with them when they go on a weekend break or a longer holiday.

This year Tydd St Giles Golf & Leisure Estate near Wisbech opened its gates to canine cuties allowing all the family to enjoy a holiday together. In fact, pretty much all the parks in the Pure Leisure Group offer pet friendly holidays so you needn’t leave home without your best friend.

Adrian Hurst, Managing Director of Tydd St Giles Golf & Leisure Estate, explained: “Here at Tydd St Giles we have a pet-friendly lodge available for hire.

“We’re offering people the chance to treat their terrier to a relaxing mid-week break or bring their boxer for a lengthy walk across the peaceful parkland. We’re also inviting people who have recently taken their pet away on holiday to visit our Facebook page, and share their favourite pet holiday snaps with us.”

But there are lots of things you do need to consider if you’re travelling away from home with your dog for the first time this year.

Top Ten Tips for Pet Friendly Holidays

Here are our top 10 tips for a relaxing break for you, your family and your canine companion:

  1. Before going on a long car journey, and if you haven’t travelled extensively with you dog already, make sure he/she is acclimatised to the car by initially going on shorter journeys.
  2. Get them used to being safely restrained in the car, whether you’re using a harness, a dog guard or a suitable cage.
  3. Fresh air is always good, so either have the window open a bit or make sure the aircon is on and at a comfortable temperature.
  4. Dogs get thirsty when travelling – it sounds like common sense but make sure you have a bottle of water with you and to remember to take both water and food bowls.
  5. They also need something familiar-smelling to use as a crash pad so don’t forget to take a favourite blanket or bed for them to cuddle up with/in on the journey and at the end of the day.
  6. Other holiday essentials include poop bags, lead and collar, toys and any doggie toiletries such as some shampoo, a towel and a brush, as they are likely to enjoy themselves in the great outdoors and get a bit mucky.
  7. A doggie first aid kit is worth packing too, as you never know when you might need it.
  8. Help your dog feel at ease in a new place by allowing them to explore the lodge or campsite when you arrive.
  9. Keep to your normal routine and take the same food your dog would eat at home to avoid upsets.
  10. Lots of dogs love the water but if you’re staying somewhere where there is a lake then find out first if they are allowed to swim in it and if it is safe to do so.