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The Five Crazy Fun Car Activities To Keep The Family Sane

27 April 2015

150 miles. Imagine you have to travel 150 miles or more for your next holiday, and all you have is the road ahead of you. There’s a limited amount you can do to keep the whole of the family entertained, and ideas often run out before the road.

Car Activities

Luckily you can bring plenty of fun car activities with you and make the journey better.

Here’s how to do it:

Fun Car Activities

  • Sticker books and activity books: Particularly great for toddlers or kids who just can’t keep their hands off things. Gets them creative without being destructive, and you’ll be surprised what wonders your children come up with.
  • Books on tape or CD: Great for attentive children who love a good story. Fairy tales are your best bet for keeping a toddler’s attention. And family favourites like Harry Potter are great for children of all ages.
  • Games together: A child’s imagination is more powerful than the engine in your car. So unleash that power on your road-trip. Games like: I spy? Who can locate the most animals? Or invent your very own – you know them best.
  • Surprise presents: Give gifts to your children and boost their mood. Especially great if you have been on the road for some time. And for extra quiet travel-time you can wrap the gifts in several layers: these take longer to open.
  • Sing along: Get the full selection of family favourite tunes and get everyone to join in with their favourites. If you have mixed ages, it’s a great way to get everyone sharing. And it’s an easy way to see off an hour or two – and to learn if anyone needs singing lessons.Car Activities

Keep children entertained on holiday

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