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The Six Kinds Of Kid And How To Keep Them Content

15 May 2015

This is how you decrease family frustration and increase family fun.

The terrible twos, with a water pistol. The awful eights, with long hair. There are lots of stages our children go through. And at every stage you learn more about their personality.

As a parent you also want learn what to do with your kids so they can have the best time in any situation. Like how the best campers know how to set up a tent so it can face unpredictable weather.

Now children are a little more complicated than a tent, but it’s not difficult to find fund things to match their personality. You can easily surprise them and make them happy. Here’s how, with a guide to six kinds of kid:


Six Kinds Of Kid

The adventurous and outdoorsy children have it good.

The BBC says “children who play outside develop better language skills, are fitter, and have fewer behavioural problems.”

And that’s great news for any parent.

So go with them and explore the outdoors, look around the beautiful parks and woodland, and all the other beautiful areas of the country.


Arty Kid

Raising the next Picasso? Where do you take the child? A gallery? Right?


So says artist Jake Chapman. He says parents would be better off leaving kids at home, as the artwork in museums is too complicated.

Whether or not you agree, perhaps there’s something else we can do. Why not work together on a project, like the ones on Pinterest, and put your creation up for display at home.



Likely an independent with a lot of inner worlds. All you have to do is find something that relates to one of them and bring it out.

Take them out to see a character from one the books that they enjoy. Often these days are put on in your local bookshop. That’s true of Waterstones in Northampton, which has a special area have a place for kids.



The rule bender. The trouble causer. The Dennis the Menace type.

Whatever the pet name is, your lovable little rascal is always going to be a little trick when you want them to do something with you. What if they say no?

Teachers know this kind of situation. Teacher Sara Lynne said: “Kids are less likely to complain if they feel in control, so I offer them choices where all outcomes are acceptable to me.”

So give your little trouble a couple of options for a day out, and make them more likely to enjoy and focus on the fun.


Sporty Kid

Up. Down. Up. Down. The sporty child active: doing laps around the living room, the garden, the whole town.

Joining in with their activities is the one way to bond. Wither that’s just attendance at school sports days and match days, or some similar activity.

Like Northampton trampoline centre. A day out here would be a lot of fun almost anyone in the family.


Playful Kid

This kid is the one with the silly hat on. The one who wants the super soaker. The one who wears the quilt and becomes a Ghost.

But before the future acting career takes off, there are lots of other fun things that they can get involved in.

Take them to a UK holiday park where they can let off steam, spend some time pushing them on the swings too. It’s a tried and tested method for any parent. And if the weather is nice you might even have picnic.