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The UK’s Top 5 Camping Spots

26 April 2016

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Those of us who have seen the beautiful scenery of the Yorkshire Dales, the purple heather of the Lake District, or the stunning architecture of Cambridge know that the UK is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Europe.

Our beaches, while they’re more bracing than the tourist hot spots in Spain, are more picturesque and intriguing. Most importantly, you can’t get a decent cup of tea abroad.

Our top five camping spots in the UK will leave you spoilt for choice this summer!

1. The Lake District

There are so many amazing places to visit in the UK but for us, the Lake District has proven time and again to be the best place to camp in the UK.

Here you can sit back, relax and watch the beautiful scenery, or, on the other hand, you can have lots of fun and adventures. From trying out abseiling to visiting charming little villages, there is plenty here to keep every type of holidaymaker occupied!

Our favourite highlights include the famous rolling hills, the vast forests and the tranquil lakes. So if you’re looking for a relaxing break or a holiday full of nature and adventure, make sure you visit the fascinating Lake District this year.

Enjoy a fantastic holiday right on your doorstep by enjoy holidays in the Lake District. With great campsites, charming landscapes and natural beauty to enjoy, being a tourist at home has never been more exciting!

2. Arnside and Silverdale Area of Natural Beauty

The Arnside and Silverdale Area of Natural Beauty is exactly what it says it is: an exceptional landscape whose extraordinary environment and surroundings are so attractive it is considered to be a natural beauty.

The striking hilltops, impressive valleys, and glimmering waters ensure that this area attracts campers and holidaymakers time and again.

3. Cambridgeshire

Remote and picturesque, the Cambridgeshire countryside is an often overlooked hidden gem for camping spots. This part of the UK has many nature reserves, parks, open green spaces, walking trails, cycle paths and beautiful valleys.

Tourists can also enjoy the delights of Cambridge city centre; both historical and beautiful, this city boasts fascinating churches, botanical gardens and wonderful university buildings.

If you’re looking for photogenic landscapes, great camping facilities and city culture all rolled into one, Cambridgeshire could be the choice for you!

4. The Yorkshire Dales

Camping is a fun, economical and eye-opening way to explore the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Highlights here include fascinating Anglo-Saxon ruins, glacial freshwater lakes, natural waterfalls and Britain’s largest underground caverns.

From small campsites to cosy lodges the Yorkshire Dales has a lot to offer every type of camper. So if you’re looking to get back to nature, discover our amazing Anglo-Saxon past and enjoy some of the best campsites in the country, the Yorkshire Dales could be the right option for you.

5. Snowdonia

Snowdonia is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the UK. Heather-topped hills, vast woodlands and natural waterfalls adorn the landscapes and make it a very exciting place to be.

Camping here offers a true outdoor experience and allows tourists to get back to nature as they experience some of the most fascinating wildlife and plant life in the country.

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