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What Kind Of Camper Are You? Take Our Quiz

4 May 2016

Offering flexibility and the perfect way to explore new places around the country, camping in its many forms makes for a fun holiday for everyone. No matter who you travel with or where your destination is, it’s never been easier to pitch up a tent, park up your caravan or purchase your holiday home.

At Pure Leisure Group we offer many different accommodation options, letting you choose what home comforts you want (if any) and the style of holiday best suited to you.

Want to know what kind of camper you are? Take our new Facebook quiz and find out.

The Great Outdoors or a Home Away From Home?

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned professional when it comes to camping and are always looking to embrace the heart of nature, or you love the idea of having a cosy home away from home that you can visit whenever you like, camping has come a long way to appeal to many more people.

The low budget freedom of traditional camping in a tent cannot be beaten for many, as sleeping directly under the stars, cooking your own food and carrying everything on your back is part of the fun.

Yet if you find yourself worrying about missing out on home comforts but still want to enjoy the fresh air and sounds of nature, modern alternatives to camping, such as our Camping Pods give you the best of both worlds.

Modern updates to camping take things a step further still, in the form of caravans and holiday lodges that let you enjoy all the comforts of a second home. Still not convinced that more traditional forms of camping are right for you? Caravanning allows you the same flexibility with all the necessary amenities and that added space for the kids. While a holiday lodge offers the ultimate form of luxury and plenty of space for the whole family.

Are You a Happy Camper or a Caravanner?

Whatever your preference, Pure Leisure Group can accommodate your needs. Browse our parks across the country, including the Southern Lake District and Northamptonshire, or call us on 01524 889291 with any enquiries.