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Arnside and Silverdale Holiday Parks & Caravan Parks

An “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” on the border of the Lake District and Lancashire.

Arnside and Silverdale covers 29 square miles and is renowned for its beautiful scenery and wildlife. The landscape is characterised by small limestone fells surrounded by woodland and grassland. Across this landscape, you’ll find birds, butterflies and wildflowers in plenty. Everything is connected by an intricate network of paths, which makes it easy to explore by foot or by cycling.

Arnside Knott is one of the most popular fells at 518 feet elevation overlooking the sea. This hill, along with the nearby Gait Barrows National Nature Reserve, is one of the best places in the country to observe rare butterflies. In the summer you can often see the High Brown Fritillary, which is one of the rarest butterflies in the UK. The highest peak is Warton Crag, standing at 535 feet with great spots to take in the spectacular views. Another popular peak is King William’s Hill. Sitting on top of this is the Pepperpot, a monument to commemorate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria.

The Local Area

There’s so much to explore in the area, with a huge total of 15 “Sites of Special Scientific Interest”. It’s also a particularly good place for birdwatchers. With the Green Woodpecker, Bittern, and Blackcap amongst the array of rare resident species. Another lovely feature is the beautiful flowers which cover the grasslands. These include Wild Thyme, Primrose, and Common Rock-rose.

Our holiday parks and caravan parks in Arnside and Silverdale make great bases to explore these areas. You can enjoy a relaxing holiday in a variety of different environments. Or even buy your own holiday home which you can visit whenever you wish. To find more about these parks, please look through the pages below.