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Christmas Gift Ideas For Conservation Enthusiasts

17 December 2019

Another year of gift-giving often means another round of too much waste, plastic, wrapping paper and unwanted gifts. Christmas gift searching is difficult enough, but when it comes to the conservation enthusiast, it can seem almost impossible. How do you give a thoughtful present which they will love and appreciate?

For that friend who is plastic-free, eco-conscious or just appreciates nature’s offerings, this list of Christmas gift ideas should give you some serious inspiration. Because who needs more ‘stuff’?


The Birds and The Bees

Do your conservation enthusiasts love being close to wildlife? What better way to give them the gift of nature than to bring it directly to their garden? Feeders, bird food, nest boxes and other garden bird accessories make great gifts for nature enthusiasts. 

This unique bird feeder from Woodland Trust is made from recycled plant pots and is less than £5. Did someone say Secret Santa?

This bird feeder gift box is the ultimate gift for any bird-lover and includes three seed blends, two feeders and a scoop.


Book Up Your Ideas!

You can’t go wrong with books as a present for anyone, but when it comes to the conservation enthusiast, books are their best friend. There are so many fiction and nonfiction books based on conservation, nature and all things related. 

Waterstones will always have something, as well as Amazon, however, second-hand stores and charity shops are worth browsing! If you’re not too sure, check out these lists on Goodreads to find the perfect book.


The Best Kind of Christmas Card

If you are at a bit of a loss for Christmas gift ideas, many organisations will provide gift vouchers which can be used on a variety of events, activities and more. The NHBS sell vouchers from £10 to £100 and Wildwood Trust sell up to £20 worth which can be used for everything from adoption to guided tours. If you can’t see on their website, just ask – around Christmas time, many organisations will provide. RSPB Gift cards are always a great idea too.

For the ultimate, life-changing gift card, be sure to check out Oxfam’s unwrapped.


VIP Membership 

Membership to wildlife or conservation organisation such as Wildlife Watch (the junior arm of the Wildlife Trust Federation) is the ideal present for anyone. Many of these memberships include regular magazines, events info and much more.

The BBC Wildlife Magazine or British Wildlife could be a great magazine subscription gift,

 While a National Trust membership provides the gift of adventure. Your money will also help them care for the places they’ll visit. They will get free entry to over 500 special places, free parking at most National Trust car parks and much more. 


What’s Cooking, Good Looking?

Is your gift receiver vegan or vegetarian? Maybe they are considering switching up their eating routines for the good of the environment? 

Cooking classes or courses are a great gift for anybody, but especially for someone who is looking to become eco-conscious and sustainable with their foodie efforts. Click here to see a whole range of eco-friendly cooking schools and classes near you.


The Gift That Keeps on Growing…

The gift that keeps on giving, or should we say, growing? There are numerous tree planting schemes which are helping nature to thrive – and survive. The National Forest has planted 8,965,000 trees, but are still 35,000 away from their 9 million target.

Team Trees is another platform which allows you to donate – $1 plants a tree. They have a goal to plant 20 million trees by January 1st 2020. Why not give the gift of 20 trees on your friend’s behalf? The perfect gift for one concerned about conservation.

You can also dedicate a tree you plant to a loved one, which is a nice, personal touch, especially if you are close to your gift-receiver. Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust and the Heart of England Forest are just two of the many organisations who offer this!


Adopt/Sponsor an Animal In Need

Other Christmas gift ideas include naming an animal – you can put some funding behind it and support their care. Foundations such as the Wildlife Trust help wildlife conservation work such as managing nature reserves or creating new habitats. 

You can adopt everything from a badger to a dolphin and even a seahorse! In return, you will get constant updates on your animal, a certificate of the adoption, updates on vaccinations and how your money has helped.

Other organisations include Durrel animal adoptions, Born Free and WWF, however, these are just a few. No matter what organisation you go with, you are helping and you’ll make a happy Christmas for your friend (and an animal!)


The Gift of Giving

Conservation enthusiasts typically have a favourite charity who they support. If you use your money and time to give to this charity (or in fact, any nature/conservation related charity) they certainly won’t be disappointed. 

If you donate on someone else’s behalf, as a gift, you should be provided with a gift receipt or some kind of acknowledgement of your gift. If not, why not get creative and make your own receipt and pop it in a (recycled) Christmas card.


Adventure in Nature

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for the both of you? Why not book a nature-orientated trip somewhere? Living in the UK is a nature-lovers dream, with so much you can do when it comes to conservation. You can get involved by volunteering at a local nature reserve, or just simply book a holiday home in a thriving wildlife area and spend some time with binoculars – or even a sketchpad.  

After all, getting out in nature had so many benefits. Our Lake District or nearby holiday parks in Lancashire could be the ideal location. You’ll be perfectly placed for trips to our very own Fell End Nature Reserve, Brockholes reservation and RSPB Leighton Moss. A night or two away in a holiday park in the UK as a Christmas present? Who wouldn’t love that!