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International Clean Air Day

8 October 2020


On International Clean Air Day we are encouraging everyone to do their best in making our air cleaner, so not only can we enjoy the fresh air at a Pure Leisure park but at home as well!

The World Health Organisation and the UK Government recognise that air pollution is the largest environmental health risk we face today and knowing this we believe that we all have a part to play in keeping our air clean. We have a few suggestions that you can easily follow to help lower air pollution levels and provide us all with cleaner air.

It can feel like you won’t make much of a difference doing these activities by yourself, when everyone starts to chip in with their actions, we can still contribute to making our air cleaner!

What you can do

International Clean Air Day

Global Action Plan have detailed their top three actions to lower air pollution:

  • Use alternative means of travel including walking, cycling, scooting and especially using back streets away from polluting traffic.
  • Avoid unnecessary burning at home. And use ready to burn materials whenever you burn, especially if you rely on wood for your heating.
  • If you have to drive, turn your engine off as soon as you are stationary. And try to choose electric or hybrid alternatives where you can.

Another way to reduce air pollution is to consume less. While a lot of the focus is on shopping more sustainably and opting for more eco-friendly produce and goods, the very best thing you can do is to lower your consumption overall. This can include the amount of food, clothes and other items you buy. Lowering this consumption can go a long way to reducing your carbon footprint and making our air cleaner.

To find out how you can help reduce air pollution visit the Clean Air Hub’s website

What we’re doing

Family walk
Family Nature Reserve trail at Fell End

At Pure Leisure we are focusing our efforts on supporting the environment. Did you know that all of our parks are part of the David Bellamy Award scheme? Meaning we are focused on helping wildlife, saving resources and being good neighbours to nearby wildlife and fauna.

Fell End Nature Reserve is at the forefront of our environmental support, with just under 30 acres of beautiful land dedicated nurturing the local wildlife. Guests can enjoy clean countryside air when walking the quaint Nature Reserve trial.

In addition to this Biomass boilers have been installed at a number of our holiday parks and at our head office. This is to help close the gap and become carbon neutral. Biomass is a sustainable, renewable fuel source that releases a fraction of the CO2, compared to burning fossil fuels, such as gas or oil.

Electric golf buggies are used at Tydd St Giles Golf and Country Club and not only are they handy for guests using the golf course, they also reduce the air pollutants that would have been emitted from a car journey.

For International Clean Air Day, we are encouraging staff to us alternative means of travel to work. Including cycling, walking using public transport or even car sharing. Though we know this can be tough for some considering the current social distancing measures and guidelines!

Why not come and enjoy the clean countryside air at one of our parks by booking your next staycation?

International Clean Air Day