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Plants and Flowers to Grow to Help the Bees

27 April 2020

Bee populations have been steadily declining since the late 1990s, a fact that could be disastrous for our ecosystem. If we want to give the bees a helping hand, there are a number of things we can do, one of which being the choices we make in our gardens. Growing plants replete with nectar and pollen can give bees a fighting chance. Pick the location in your garden well – sheltered but sunny is ideal. Make sure to plant throughout the seasons – there are winter plants that bees love. Consider stripping off any pests with tools, and encourage natural predators like ladybirds into your garden to eat aphids. 

You can install a bee hotel to provide homes for solitary species, and even if you don’t have much space, a pot of rosemary or a window box will still help.

There are some plants and flowers that are perfect for bees and could even boost their numbers. So which ones should you think about planting?


Plants and flowers

An infographic by the team at Pure Leisure

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