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13 Space Saving Tips for Caravans

2 March 2018

Caravan tips

If you’ve recently bought a caravan or a camper van and you’re kitting it out ready to hit the road, you may be looking around it wondering how one earth you’re going to fit in all the things you need to take with you.

On the one hand, you definitely want to travel light when you’re camping or caravanning. But there are still definitely essentials you need to bring with you to have a comfortable and enjoyable time.

Luckily, we’re here to bring you 13 tips that can save you a whole lot of space. And still ensure that everything you do bring with you is kept tidy and out of your way! Read on to find out what we recommend for caravan storage ideas!



Hang things such as cups, cooking utensils and cleaning equipment (as well as anything else you can think of!) on hooks to keep them in place whilst travelling and to maximise space on the side of shelves, or anywhere it seems practical to add a few in.

You can even use hooks in different ways, such as using two hooks fixed to the wall to hold kitchen roll or tin foil.


Hanging shoe rack

A hanging shoe rack makes great over-the-door storage or you could fix one to the wall and you can use it to store anything from toiletries to packets of food!

Opting for clear or netted shoe racks will help you to see what’s in each pocket so you can grab things quickly and easily.


Nesting & collapsible products

Make sure you purchase household items, such as bowls and measuring spoons, that nestle inside one another which will save you lots of vertical space.

Similarly, collapsible storage boxes are very useful as they can be stored away flat when you don’t need them.


Hang things from the ceiling

Ceiling space is often overlooked but it can be utilised to hang things from if there is enough room to do so without hitting your head.

This could be anything from a hanging wardrobe to mounting brooms and cleaning supplies.


Overhead shelving

Installing shelving at head height is a no-brainer, as usually this space isn’t being used by anything else and won’t be in your way.

Shelving above your kitchen area can be a valuable place to store things like food and spices. Or plates and bowls, but you could install shelving anywhere there’s space.


Use the space inside your doors

Don’t overlook the potential to store things on the inside of the doors of your caravan or camper if you have any! You can attach storage boxes, hooks, or even shoe organisers depending on how much room you need when the doors are open.


Use an over-door bin

Bins are always unsightly so hiding them in cupboards is a good idea in any case. However, to avoid losing all of your vital cupboard space, look for over-door bins.

These take up less space and, while you’ll need to empty them a little more often, you’ll be grateful for the storage space.


Put organisers on the back of the car seats

If you have a camper van, you can utilise the backs of the driver and passenger seats as an extra storage space. Either by hanging specially made seat organisers or normal shoe organisers.


Mount a hanging basket or hammock

Need caravan storage ideas for fruit? A good idea is to hang a series of baskets. Or a fruit hammock to the underneath of a shelf, or perhaps the ceiling. Both options are really versatile and can store all sorts of different things!


Install a pegboard

Pegboards are a great way of creating versatile storage space in any space, but especially in a caravan where space is tight.

Any free wall space lends itself perfectly to installing a pegboard. From there you can attach baskets, hooks, clips, and all manner of different storage solutions.


Install magnetic strips

Keep things like bottle openers, knives, or other small metal objects safe and within reach by installing a magnetic strip to hold them all.


Install pull out tables

If you need surface space or a place to eat but you don’t want a fixed table getting in your way, a pullout table is a great alternative. You can hide it away when not in use and you won’t even know it’s there until you need it!


Use storage cubes

When it comes to packing your clothing, storage cubes are a godsend as they allow you to keep everything compact, but still accessible. Group similar items in their own cube so you know what’s what!


We hope this has helped you with a few caravan storage ideas to save space. Be sure to check out our caravan parks here at Pure Leisure if you’re planning a getaway soon!