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5 Great Reasons To Book A Holiday Over Christmas

29 November 2019

Christmas is a time for kicking back, relaxing and being surrounded by loved ones. Many people opt to stay at home in familiar surroundings. But we think that enjoying Christmas away from home is a great alternative.

There’s no better time to escape than during Christmas and New Year. But what makes a holiday home the perfect base for your festive fun?

Stress-Free Holiday

Most of us find Christmas quite a stressful time of year, especially if you’ve been the main host for festivities since you can remember. From trimming the turkey to decorating your home and ensuring that you’ve got all the presents wrapped on time, it can seem like a nice relaxing Christmas won’t ever be possible.

Yet, if you’re not at home, there’s less to worry about. Take the opportunity to have a stress free Christmas without needing to decorate every inch of your house. Enjoy a clean, tidy holiday home from the moment you arrive. And don’t forget to have a relaxing, peaceful lie-in on Christmas day!

Need More Room?

Not everyone has a house that is big enough to accommodate the entire family, and as Christmas is a family affair, you want to make sure that everyone visiting is comfortable and has enough space.

If you’re lacking in the space department, but are expecting plenty of guests, a holiday home could be the perfect, cosy solution. With room for entertaining, eating and sleeping off a delicious Christmas dinner, enjoy a change in surroundings while being able to ensure everyone’s comfort!


Simple Christmas Plans

Some people don’t want to go all out on Christmas, preferring a quiet day to just enjoy being with their loved ones. After all, do we really need to deck the halls to enjoy the company of family and friends?

With a holiday home, you have everything you need at your fingertips to enjoy a quiet Christmas without all the trimmings in the peace and quiet, away from all the hustle and bustle of everyone else celebrating Christmas!


Closer To Family

Families don’t always live in the same areas, which can make celebrating a pain, especially when it comes to deciding who will travel to who – and risking causing arguments over who has to travel the furthest!

Instead, why not choose a holiday home that’s in the middle, making travel fair for all the family, and making it possible to celebrate together?

Alternatively, if you are the ones needing to travel to be closer to your family, a holiday home gives you the freedom to have your own space during your visit. After all, everyone needs somewhere to retreat to after having their fill of Christmas dinner!


…Or Further Away!

Not everyone enjoys the family aspect of Christmas, and sometimes it can be stressful spending the festive season at home when friends and family want to visit and you just want to enjoy some you time.

Escape and enjoy Christmas your way by booking a stay in a holiday home over Christmas – go on, you deserve it!

With holiday lodges available up and down the country, we’ve got you covered for a getaway at any time of year – including Christmas! If you’re looking to book a stay with us or need more information, please feel free to get in touch and our team will be more than happy to help.