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A Quick Guide to Kitting Your Holiday Home Out For Autumn

29 August 2017



For those who like to keep their homes looking stylish, a change of season means a change of decor and, with autumn approaching, it’s time to swap your summer furnishings to something a little bit cosier.

With your holiday home being a place for fun and relaxation, making sure it’s kitted out to provide you with the perfect space in which to enjoy your time away is essential, so keep reading to find out how you can use decor to enhance your holiday home for the upcoming season.


Use extra lighting

With autumn’s darker nights approaching, it’s time to start investing in some more lighting. Lamps are ideal because they provide you with a certain ambiance which isn’t too harsh and they allow you to illuminate your favourite parts of your holiday home.

Try to be strategic about where you place your additional lighting though because having too many lighting pieces can make your space look cluttered. Think about which places in your holiday home need to be lit (reading spaces, places where you have discussions, places where you work) and start out by only lighting those places.

If you’re unsure about the types of lighting that may be suitable for your needs, this guide is really useful.


All plaid everything

Plaid is definitely the pattern of autumn, so splashing out on plaid cushions, plaid blankets, plaid tablecloths, and plaid anything really will turn your holiday home into an autumnal paradise.

Although you can make plaid work for you in any season, try to stick to darker hues in the autumn to match the changes in the landscape.


Use your firewood as decor

If you have a fireplace in your holiday home, it goes without saying that autumn is the perfect time to start lighting it up again, but you can also double up your firewood as home decor so that you don’t have to brave the cold whenever you want to light your fire.

Opting for large wicker baskets with handles in which to store your firewood is wholly functional because they will allow you to carry the wood with ease.

Doubling up your firewood as decor can be as simple as you like as you could choose to store it near your fireplace or even on your front porch.


Get a throw

No one wants to get out of bed early on holiday, and investing in a cosy throw for your bed will keep you snug as the weather starts to change – it will quickly become one of your most prized possessions.

For the ultimate aesthetic, pair it with some matching pillows so that you can be at the height of both comfort and style at the same time.


Layer your rugs

Has anyone ever told you that there’s no such thing as too many rugs? No? Well while you may revel in the cold floors keeping your tootsies cool in the summer, plenty of rugs are definitely needed for the autumn months. For a cosy but eclectic style, overlap a whole host of rugs featuring different designs across your flooring.


Hang a wreath

Nothing says autumn like a strategically-placed wreath and to make it extra autumnal, make or buy one which features brown, orange, and green tones. For inspiration, check out these stunning autumn wreaths.

If you have kids (or even if you don’t), you can make it into a fun autumn DIY project where you gather leaves and foliage to create our own wreaths. Not only is this a great activity to bring the family together, it will also give your holiday destination a homely feel.

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