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Looking After the Environment

Here at Pure Leisure Group we encourage our guests to practice environmentally sustainable tourism. We also are proud to be part of the David Bellamy award scheme.

Gold Awards held at:

  • Fell End Caravan Park
  • Hall More Caravan Park
  • South Lakeland Leisure Village
  • Tydd St Giles

Silver Award held at:

  • Crook O’Lune

Our parks positioned in the Southern Lake District have some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. Three of our parks in this area have been awarded the David Bellamy Gold Award. All for our commitment and demonstration of our concern for the environment and park conservation. Fell End in particular is located in a protected woodland and countryside area. As a guest you can enjoy the natural surroundings. Where birds, animals and plant life can be seen across the park.

Our park at Tydd St Giles is set in 150 acres and we have around 15,000 trees in abundance, planted since creation in 1993. At Tydd St Giles Golf & Country Club we follow many steps to protect the environment. We leave many places on park as ‘rough’ areas to encourage wildlife and wildflowers. We store rain water in one of the ponds on park, that will eventually be used to irrigate the golf course.

Our green keepers are always thinking about the environment, they use eco-friendly chemicals. They use unwanted wood to cut down to be used in other places, for bark and chippings that are then used for the habitat. These are just some of the reasons why Tydd St Giles carries the prestigious David Bellamy Gold award for our good practices. Across all our parks we encourage all homeowners, members and visitors at our park to save energy whilst here, and we all recycle whenever we can.

Our park conservation work also extends to our charity work where we ask all our guests upon booking your holiday if you would like to make a donation of £1 to go directly to the current years charity project we are sponsoring. Click here to find out more…