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Please see below Pure Leisure Group Seasonal Tourer Terms and Conditions:

  1. All seasonal touring caravans must hold a valid insurance policy for the duration of their stay. A copy of the policy will be required for our records.
  2. Only 2 dogs per Seasonal Tourer unless prior consent has been received from the Park Manager. All pets must be kept under control and kept on a lead at all times whilst on park. Owners must clean up after their pets. We do not allow dogs lusted under the dangerous dog’s act 1991.
  3. Pedestrians are requested to use the designated footpaths and roadways where possible, but where pedestrian access through pitches is unavoidable, such use must always be exercised with due care and attention to the expectations of the residents at all times.
  4. Seasonal Tourers may not be used by parties of young persons under 21 years of age. No group can use any accommodation without prior consent of the Park Manager.
  5. Noise and Music – no noise or music after 11pm and no outdoor music at any time. Please note that anyone behaving unreasonably or creating noise disturbance after 11pm will be asked to leave immediately with a refund and the police will be informed where necessary.
  6. Pure Leisure Group practice a zero tolerance in any event where guests are found to be driving under the influence of drink or drugs, or involvement in drug taking. Anyone deemed to be doing so will be removed from park immediately and the police will be informed. No refund will be made in this situation.
  7. Unreasonable behavior – for the convenience and enjoyment of all our guests, we reserve the right to terminate your seasonal pitch booking without compensation where the unreasonable behavior of the persons named on the booking or their guests may  impair the enjoyment, comfort, safety or health of other guests. Should your season be cut short due to any of your park being asked to leave the park, no refunds will be given.
  8. No motor vehicles are to exceed the speed limit as designated by the park and all drivers must observe all one way systems and directional signage at all times. All vehicles must be parked only in the designated parking areas provided and must be taxed for the relevant year, have a current MOT certificate (where appropriate) and valid insurance cover. No vehicle is to be left unattended and permanently parked on the park. No Learner Drivers. Please be aware that all roads are subject to normal highway regulations.
  9. No monkey bikes, quad bikes or mopeds are not permitted to be park beside any Seasonal Tourer at any time.
  10. Commercial vehicles, boats or trailers are not permitted to be parked beside any Seasonal Touring at anytime.
  11. Repair and maintenance of any vehicle, boat or similar is not permitted anywhere on the park. No vehicle, other than a recognised motor home, shall be used as sleeping accommodation.
  12. Only one standard size awning – the size of the tourer to be erected. Awning to be removed and only ground sheets or floor taken up when the tourer is not occupied. Any damage caused to the awning or as a result of the awning is the sole responsibility of the owner and not the Park. All awnings need to be dismantled and removed during the following period from 30th November – 28th February.
  13. No washing or rotary lines are permitted other than a clothes horse which attaches to the tourer window.
  14. All ball games are to be played only on the recreational areas provided and not amongst the Seasonal Tourers.
  15. The Park is generally designated as ‘open plan’ therefore the areas between the Seasonal Tourers must always be kept free and unhindered to allow access to the Emergency Services or other Authorised Personnel and Park User.

16.Windbreaks, gazebos and garden furniture may only be erected for use during daylight hours, whilst the tourer us occupied.

  1. Registered owners remain responsible for any and all cost with the removal or disposal of their Seasonal Tourer, which may result due to abandonment or at cessation of tenure for whatever reason.

18.Seasonal Tourer owners are responsible for the general upkeep of their tourer and the tidiness within the allocated outside perimeter area around the unit, ensuring the entire area underneath is kept clean and free of all stores and flammable materials at all times. No flags, bunting or banners are permitted on your pitch.

  1. Litter must be disposed of in the litterbins provided.
  2. Seasonal Tourer Owners are not allowed to erect tents at any time.
  3. Seasonal Tourers are to be used for recreational purposes only. No business can be operated from them.
  4. Seasonal Tourer pitches are non-transferable. If you wish to change or sell your tourer you must notify the Park Manager before the transaction takes place. No refund will be payable in the event of early departure from park or in the event of a sale.
  5. We do not allow any modified units such as buses or horse boxes. Please check with the Park at time of booking.
  6. The Owner must occupy the pitch allocated to them at time of booking unless instructed to move by the Park. We reserve the right to re-allocate all unoccupied pitches. Any tourer which is found to be on an incorrect pitch will be charged for a seasonal pitch. ID badges must be clearly visible.
  7. Seasonal Tourers are responsible for their own electricity.
  8. Seasonal Tourer pitches are not permitted to have sheds, outside storage or any type of border/fence around pitch allocated to them.

On arrival you will be required to sign the above terms and conditions.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful season.

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